10 Funny Gifts For Mom Who Has Everything (Mother’s Day Ideas)

Gifts for mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year you decided to add a funny gift to your list of tangible and intangible presents for the mother in your life.

This mom can be your mom, your sister, your grandmother, your girlfriend who may just have pets or small kids, your sister in law, your daughter, or a co-worker.

If this mom appreciates humor, sarcasm, and a lot of laughter (something that not a lot of people can digest), then a gag gift will definitely make her smile and get the party started on the right foot. You will score a lot of love and appreciation for brightening this person’s day!

Often times, moms feel that they are under a lot a stress and may just need serious gifts that can help them relax. They can learn to seek ways to enjoy life more. They might feel bad about having fun when they have everyone to take care of.

This is why we need to treat mothers (all mothers) with delicate care.

You want to mix up some intangible gifts ideas (such as doing household chores), with giving her some tangible presents (such as things you can buy).

Have fun with your life. Life is too short.

*Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Several links in this post will take you to Amazon.com or to other sites where you can find out additional information about some of the products mentioned here, read reviews, and check out prices. 

The 10 best funny gifts for mom (or anyone who’s a mom) 

Get ready to laugh a little with these gag gifts for mom.

These funny mom gifts will be good to your wallet and a great humorous gesture that you can offer anyone who likes to laugh.

Some of the gifts will work for anybody, including guys and dads, as long as they appreciate laughter.

A section below offers you traditional gift ideas, just in case you find these to be silly and not suitable. In reality, they are super light and tacky, but this is exactly the purpose of this post. Laughter is the key here.

1 This hilarious wine glass that says “Because MOMMIN’ ain’t easy”

It is very true that getting your mom this funny wine glass that says “Because MOMMIN’ ain’t easy” will definitely go with her horrible day of kids bickering, screaming, endless cleaning, picking up after everybody, cooking, and feeling exhausted even on her days off.

At the end of the day, she will appreciate a glass of wine with this novelty glass.

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon
  • You will be helping a bunch of people. You will be doing the world a favor by getting these wine glasses: 1) Bring on a funny type of therapy to the table (there will be lots of laughs), 2) help your mom feel special 3) help individuals with disabilities who package these products.
  • These glasses can work for anyone. They are perhaps one of the best gifts for mom that you can consider. Maybe you want to get one for yourself.
    • It can be a Mother’s Day gift idea, a birthday gift, something special for your sister, co-worker, or maybe a gift for new home owners (housewarming gift idea), or for a bridal shower.
    • You can give this wine glass during baby showers, but only to be used after the baby is born. So, the uses are endless.
  • The company employs special needs individuals. They securely package and prepare these glasses. People with disabilities often find discrimination in the workforce, so you’ll be doing them a favor buying their product.
  • They are well made. These extremely well made and high quality 12.75 oz. capacity wine glasses are premium products and made in the United States.
  • The white etching is of high quality. The etching can be seen whether the glass is empty or full. Although the company says that the etching is dishwasher safe, we know for a fact that no etching is safe with hot water. It is recommended that you only wash these in cold dishwasher water if you must, but we really think it’s best to wash them manually to preserve the funny etching for years to come.
  • Made with real glass. These glasses are made with real glass (no flimsy plastic here) so that your mom feels good when she is drinking her Merlot.
  • The company stands by their products. If there’s any problem, just contact the vendor and get things resolved ASAP.
  • One glass per order. This is not a set of glasses. You will be purchasing only one item at a time.

Novelty wine glass: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

2 This gun-like wine opener (don’t worry… It’s not a real gun)

I personally don’t like guns, but I like comical gifts.

If your mom has a beef with the NRA, then this fake gun wine opener can be a gag gift to give her. You know she’d absolutely laugh when she gets this.

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

  • It is a rechargeable wine bottle opener. It can open up to 30 or so bottles on one single charge. Let’s be realistic here, this is not intended to be used for heavy duty wine drinkers. Remember, it’s a novelty item and it’s made to be used in the spirit of laughter.
  • Charger and foil cutter included. It comes with a wall charger and a foil cutter. Nothing fancy shmancy, but it will do the job.
  • Easy to place. It has a base and handle, so it will be easy to place back face down, making it look like a real gun!

In the midst of all the gun uproar these days, I know that this is questionable gift idea. We do not condone the use of guns, but again, this is a gag gift.

Gun like wine opener: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

3 This absolutely hilarious and snarky “Mom Life” coloring book

This “Mom Life” coloring book will work for any type of mom… Older ma, younger mother, expecting mum, new mommie, Zen mom, yoga momma, etc.

There’s a “Mom Life 2” coloring book as well. It is made with the same sense of humor, and either one will work.

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon
  • Give her the quiet time she is wishing for. Moms are desperate for peace and quiet and need alone time. They need to regroup and rejuvenate, and this funny coloring book can do the trick. Humor can be very healing, particularly when it relates to what it feels like to be a mother.
  • Plenty to color. It has 74 pages of inspirational and humorous situations that your mom can relate to.
  • Cheap therapy. Coloring can be very therapeutic, and it’s better than being stressed out all day long, feeling overwhelmed, or paying hundreds of dollars per hour for a shrink. She will be coloring pages that say “I breed non sleepers” and other funny expressions.
  • This book will need coloring pens. Make sure to get her coloring pens for this as well, and let her know to place a thick cardboard under the page so that the colors don’t bleed through.

“Mom life” coloring book: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

4 These funny novelty 2 pairs of socks that say “If you can read this, get me some wine” Here we go again with the wine.

When your mom decides to just tune out and put her feet up, you will see the message that she needs her family to obey… Get her these socks that read “If you can read this, get me some wine.”

Mothers need wine to survive all the screaming, shouting, attention hogging, and ungrateful children. Ok, no they don’t, but they may choose wine as their relaxation outlet.

Even if you’re an adult, you have already given your mom a lot of gray hair underneath that hair color!

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

  •  100% cotton. These socks come in a box and are made with 100% cotton.
  • Good grip. They grip well onto hard wood floors and other slippery tiles or surfaces.
  • 2 pairs. They come in 1 white and 1 black pair.
  • Fits most feet 5-12 shoe sizes. They come in one size, which can fit most feet (between 5-12 shoe sizes) including those of average men shoe size.

Two pairs of wine themed socks: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

5 These funny 5 wine bottle stoppers (great for those nice large 1.5L wine bottles)

You probably think that this post is all about wine. Wait. It’s been so far! Let’s see where we go with it…

Your mom is going to drink wine, need wine, have wine, and use wine to relax after mommying around all day long. When your mom needs to seal the remainder of a wine bottle (if there’s any left), she can use one of these 5 funny wine stoppers.

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

  • Nontoxic. These hilarious food grade non-toxic silicone wine stoppers make a great gift for moms.
  • No need for vacuum sealer. You don’t need an extra gadget to seal the bottles. So, there’s no need to buy an extra vacuum sealer.
  • Durable. They are durable and can be washed easily while providing a good airtight seal to your bottle of wine, especially if they are regular, naked glass neck bottles and smooth foil bottles.
    • Crinkly or irregular bottles may need other more fancy gadgets to seal them.
    • Although the manufacturer states that you can throw them in the dishwasher, it is advisable to just simply hand wash them to preserve the quality of the writing.
  • Use on other bottles. They can be used across multiple types of bottles. Your mom can use them for beer bottles, wine bottles, or other bottles.
  • Funny expressions. These 5 wine stoppers come with a gift box. The manufacturer stated that they should read:
    • “Liquid therapy”.
    • “Rough day”.
    • “Wine me up”.
    • “Wine not?”.
    • “Sip happens”.

Funny wine stoppers: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

6 This simple “Go Away” funny and classy glass coffee mug

Sure, this glass is not designed for wine, but since we’re on the top of wine, it can certainly be used for that purpose. Ok. Back to reality. This is more about drinking tea or coffee.

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

A funny yet classy “Go Away” coffee mug could be a good item for your mom, your dad, yourself, your sister, your brother, your girlfriend, your boyfriend or anybody else who get the humor.

It can be given to moms on Mother’s Day, but it can also be given during Christmas (great for Secret Santa parties), valentine’s day, or on any occasion.

  • Simple humor. This simple yet funny mug has a “go away” theme. It is not boring, in the sense that it is made out of glass and is totally different than most mugs.
  • 13 oz. capacity. It can hold 13 oz. of hot coffee or tea or any beverage.
  • High quality. It is made of high quality and will be loved by everyone. We recommend that these types of mugs with words on them be hand washed to preserve the markings.

Other funny mugs that you can consider:

“Go Away” glass mug: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

7 This hilarious (or hideous) “What On Earth” cat butt tissue holder

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

Moms can spill their wines and when they do, they need tissue to clean up the mess. This wonderfully hideous cat butt tissue holder is so tacky and wrong, but it can make a great gag gift.

  • Hilarious for cat lovers. If your mom is a cat lover, then you may want to consider this hilarious gag gift.
  • Disturbing. Tacky is the key here, and this one is the embodiment of tacky and funny. It will be extremely gag-like and disturbing to get a tissue.
  • Durable resin. This is made from durable resin that can withstand falls.
  • Fits a square tissue box. It can fit a 12.5 inch x 9.25 inch wide square tissue box.

Cat butt tissue holder: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

8 These hilarious “Don’t F*** Up The Table” 4 wood drink coasters

Uh-oh… Are we back to the wine theme? Maybe.

These 4 wood coasters with the F word can be used for iced tea, coffee mugs, tea cups, and all sorts of drinks, including a glass of wine!

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

  • A set of 4 coasters. These come in a set of 4 funny coasters, fit for mother’s day or for any other occasion.
  • Made of wood. They are made of eco-friendly wood and will last a long time.
  • Save the table! They will absorb liquids and will preserve your mom’s table. Don’t you dare eff up the table!

Funny wood coasters: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

9 This automatic motion sensor toilet night light that can be fun for the whole family

Well… This is not really related much to wine, but if your mom ends up drinking a lot of wine, then she may need to go to the toilet a bit more than normal.

This is when it will be nice to have a motion sensor toilet with lights. Think of it as a psychedelic experience!

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon
  • Dad may be jealous! You can consider giving this to your dad instead. But let’s get back to moms. If your mom gets up in the middle of the night, she can be automatically guided to the toilet.
  • Who came up with this? This motion sensor toilet gadget can make a great gift for moms of all ages and for all other occasions… Retirement anyone? Housewarming party? Potty training your little one?
  • Battery operated. It works by simply inserting 3 x AAA batteries and placing the gadget over the toilet rim (after you lift the toilet seat). Batteries are not included, so make sure to get them as well. The best long lasting batteries that we like are the AAA ENELOOP batteries from Panasonic. They can last a really long time.
  • Auto timing. It runs for 2 minutes and then off.
  • Many colors. It is fit for anyone who can appreciate the humor in it because it has very nice (and somewhat tacky) LED lights that change every 15 seconds: White, pink, blue, azure, green, red, and yellow). It’s like those inexpensive Christmas lights, but with LED.
  • Can actually be useful! And… Let’s be realistic. It could be a great way to really help someone who uses toilets at night, or a little child look forward to using the toilet (think of it as a training tool).

Toilet night light: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

10 This silver liquor flask that is also a Rhinestone Mother’s Day bangle bracelet

Jewelry? Who needs that when you have jewelry that can also hide a shot of vodka? Enters the silver bracelet in the form of an inconspicuous liquor flask.

Now, you can give her a stylish bracelet that can act as a novelty flask, where she can put a bit of vodka and sneak it into the PTA meeting or to the local school play… Of course, she would have someone driver her back and forth, Right? We are kidding of course. Moms… Don’t go to the PTA meeting while drunk!

Okay… So the post has deteriorated from being a helpful post to a post that corrupts moms and bring out the wine lover in them. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

  • FDA approved stainless steel. This is an FDA approved stainless steel container with a top quality finish that doesn’t rust.
  • Handmade. It is handmade, so you know you are supporting the arts (smiles).
  • Hide 3.5 oz. liquid. It can hide a 3.5 oz. drink (or 100 milliliter), kinda like a half a glass of vodka or a glass of wine. Use your kitchen funnel to pour the liquor inside.
  • Rhinestone lid, fit for a princess. Just look at it! It has a Rhinestones lid, fit for a princess, a queen, or royalty, and it’s available in various colors.

Liquor flask bracelet: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

Other traditional gift ideas 

For great traditional or ordinary gift ideas, you can always review other posts for gift ideas. Here are some…

How to celebrate a memorable mother’s day with your mom

Gift for momSure… You can find a lot of traditional gift ideas at the stores or order them online, but let’s not be boring.

It’s time to mix the gifts up a bit. We gave you plenty of ideas of tangible products. You must also include non-tangible gifts that cannot be bought.

Here’s what I propose you do on Mother’s Day:

  • Buy a card, or write your mom a nice note. Tell your mom how much you love her and what you propose to give her some intangible benefits (like resting on the weekend, taking care of the other younger siblings, etc.) 
  • Give her a fun gift. Bring a smile to her face and get her to take life less seriously.
  • Coordinate with other siblings on doing chores. You can also work with your other parent if they still live in the house. Maybe each one of you can take on a chore to lessen your mom’s housework load.

Examples: Here are some of the best presents for mom that money cannot buy.  

  • Help do the dishes for the next 7 days. Your sibling should do something as well. 
  • Help your mom sleep-in on the weekend (you will take care of your younger siblings).
  • Cook all the meals for the family this weekend and clean up after. 
  • Coordinate and prepare for a picnic. Execute the plan with the help of others. Clean up after.

See? There are tons of “free” intangible gift ideas that your mom secretly wishes for. Primarily, you want to think comfort and less work for your mom. Can you think of other ideas?

The bottom line on choosing a fun gift for your mom

These gifts may be off the wall, but they will sure make your mom, or anyone you give these to, laugh her butt off.

Make sure to mix your tangible gifts with your intangible gifts. A great gift for mom can truly mean that you help her out around the house and ease her chores, so she can have a great weekend off.

Be well