16 Affordable Workout Gifts For Fitness Lovers (For Him & Her)

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Finding great workout gifts for people who love fitness can be challenging, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Whether you’re looking for fitness gifts for her or fitness gifts for him, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money or time in search of that perfect item.

Let’s be real! Some people don’t even have space in their homes for bulky items, and others don’t care to be seen working out in public. These fitness gifts do not have to be an exercise machine worth thousands of dollars, or a membership to the gym that may be wasted away and placed in a dusty drawer.

For those wonderful people, and for the sake of your wallet and your sanity, here are a few workout gift ideas that can fit your budget and your time. 

1. Daily fitness planner for workout, food diary, and fitness goals

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Check price on Amazon

Good gift ideas for workout enthusiasts do not always have to be in digital or electronic form! 

Why not get your old fashioned peeps something that reminds them of homework? A paper-made health and fitness organizational tools with this daily fitness planner will do the trick. 

Keeping a fitness journal can help people fitness enthusiasts get fit, stay fit, lose weight, and make fitness a priority. This will allow the fitness hopeful to stay on track with their daily goals. 

This daily fitness planner is going to score big with people who may dislike technology, or who may be visual and need to track their progress on paper. 

Daily workout diary. Stay motivated and on track.

Daily food intake log. Journal what is consumed on a daily basis.

Tracking goals. Set goals to stay up to date on fitness.

Planning weekly fitness goals. Plan weekly fitness goals to stay motivated and organized. 

Daily Fitness Planner: Check on Amazon

2. Smart body scale with app to track progress

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Check price on Amazon

There are so many useful gifts for fitness people, but this scale is so unique that it becomes a must in the fitness arsenal.

This is not an old-style scale that occasionally erases a pound or two. Nope. This is a SMART scale! Why not get your smart and technically driven health nut a smart scale with an app? The smart scale’s app can synchronize with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit for maximum results. 

Measurements. Measures body fat, BMI, hydration, bone mass and more.

Tracking. Tracks results with 16 tracking measurement tools.

Setup. Easy to setup. 

Smart Scale: Check on Amazon

3. Accurate skin fold body measuring tape

Yes. Your grandma may have owned one of these, but not as fancy!

This gift could be perceived as one of many cheap fitness gifts, but don’t minimize this simple tool that can give easy and powerful accurate measurements!

A skin fold body measuring tape can help a person measure waistline, arms, and thighs with accuracy, and it can be simple enough that anybody can use it.

Here are some of this simple tool’s features:

No batteries needed. No need to plug in any batteries, or read any app.

Simple. This simple tool is ideal for someone who likes to keep things simple, yet measure fat accurately. 

Effective. This gift may be extremely inexpensive, but it’s very effective.

Portable. Carry this tool with you and take it wherever you want.

Measuring Tape: Check on Amazon

4. Collapsible hiking and trekking folding walking poles

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Check price on Amazon

The best gifts for fitness lovers include ones that allow them to explore the beautiful, refreshing outdoors. This is why you shouldn’t let your hiking enthusiasts cross a stream or climb a hill or mountain without the help of  trekking and hiking fordable poles.

Serious fitness. These poles can mean serious fitness to someone who loves trekking or hiking.

Balance. They can help stay balanced when crossing a river or a stream or hiking up a mountain. 

Safety. They are literally two extra two legs that help the fitness person get extra safety, stability, for the purpose of crossing long distances.

Hiking Poles: Check on Amazon

5. A mini exercise bike for legs or arms

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Check price on Amazon

This mini exercise bike is definitely cheaper than physical therapy! It uses 2 AAA batteries for a clear display and it can help a loved one exercise their arms and legs with ease. This tool can be one of the better fitness gifts for men or women. 

Safety. This tool uses safety straps for both feet and hands.

Tension. It has 8 tension levels for a great feet/hand workout.

Screen. LCD screen.

Support. Supports up to 220 Lbs of user weight.

Assembly. Easy to assemble and can be put to use right away. 

Mini Bike: Check on Amazon

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6. Fitbit Wristband fitness tracker for fitness tracking enthusiasts

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Check price on Amazon

It’s not too late to get in on the Fitbit wristband craze, especially if you have not given a Fitbit gift to someone. 

Your couch potatoes can get off the couch and your active ones can love this gift!

The Fitbit Charge with heart rate function can motivate someone to get moving.

Heart rate. It measures a continuous heart rate up to 30,000 feet altitude.

Max workout. It can be set on cardio, peak, and fat burn modes to maximize workout results.

Sleep tracking. It tracks sleep and provides a silent vibrating alarm to wake up.

Burned calories tracking. It can track burned calories, climbed steps and other measures to help your loved ones stay moving.

Writs Band Fitness: Check on Amazon

7. A seven piece yoga set that is great for first timers or seasoned yogis

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Check price on Amazon

Looking for workout gifts for mom? This 7 piece yoga set may just do the trick because yoga doesn’t have to be boring. 

This 7 piece yoga set can be used at home or in a studio. It comes in various colors is a good starter for people who want everything in a bag.

Essential kit. This is an essential kit for someone who has made a commitment to practicing yoga.

Sturdy. No slipping cushioned mat that is heavy enough not to be blown around by the wind.

Soft. Soft towels with high performance.

Various colors. Pick the color you like.

Yoga Kit: Check on Amazon

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8. A beginning practices yoga DVD for mom, dad, auntie, or uncle

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Check price on Amazon

Get this beginning yoga DVD for that accomplished person in your life. Here are some of the features of this work:

AM and PM steps. AM Energy and PM Relaxation steps that improve balance, relief from office work, core strength, and more. 

7 Routines. There are 7 yoga routine in the DVD that total about 3 hours of instruction.
Gentle and calming music.

Effective. Clear and effective instructions.

Easy steps. Easy to follow steps.

Simple gifts for workout enthusiasts may include “how-to” media. This easy to navigate DVD can be a good gift for mom, dad, or aunt or uncle. 

Yoga DVD: Check on Amazon

9. An upper and lower body medicine exercise ball

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Check price on Amazon

Some of the best gifts for gym lovers can be simple. This medicine exercise ball can help develop core strengths, coordination and overall body balance.

Sturdy. 10 pounds of resistance at your fingertips.

Easy grip. It has an easy grip and can be a great companion for every exercise move.

Body workout. Can be used for arm raises, squat, lounge, or sit up.

Durable. Durable and can bounce off hard and soft surfaces.

Exercise Ball: Check on Amazon

10. A resistance bands set for all with various weights

Check priceon Amazon
Check priceon Amazon
People love their muscles, and if you’re looking for workout gifts for her, then these simple and powerful resistance bands sets can be suited for both women, but don’t be fooled! It’s also great for men!

Not complicated. Personal home gym at your fingertips

No snap technology. Does not snap because it’s made of latex resistance bands.

150 lbs stack. It can stack up to a total of 150 lbs.

Accessories. Many other accessories to complete the set.

Resistance Bands: Check on Amazon

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11. Waterproof Bluetooth gym headphones

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Check price on Amazon

Finding gifts for gym-goers can be tricky at times, but when it comes to active people, think Bluetooth!

This  Bluetooth sports headphones will help the health nut in your life stay connected to their music while running or exercising in the gym.

Long playtime. 8 hours playtime for a long workout. 

Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to communicate with Bluetooth devices. 

Controls. Play, pause music. Change volume, answer and edit calls from one location. The calls are clear and stable. 

Waterproof IPX7 protection. Has internal nano coating to help protect these headphones from heavy rain and sweating. This makes jobbing, gym workouts, hiking, or riding enjoyable events. 

Waterproof Headphones: Check on Amazon

12. Simple folding upright exercise bike

Riding a bike probably burns more calories than any other workout and this folding upright exercise bike can make one of many cool workout gifts for guys and women alike. 

Give your loved one a good bike that can fold and help them stay fit. 

Frame. Solid frame that can be folded.

Free app. Bluetooth ready with a free app for Android and iOS to track workouts.

Display. LCD window display to show progress.

Comfort. Large cushion for comfort.

Adjustable. Length and can suit up to 6’1″.

Quiet. Balanced wheels that are quiet for smooth operation.

Simple Folding Bike: Check on Amazon

13. A rep 3 in 1 wood box for jump training and conditioning 

Check price on Amazon
Check price on Amazon

No gym? No problem! The 3 in 1 wood box for jump training can hold up to 400 lb in weight and although simple, it can be one of the greatest gifts for gym lovers.

Quality. Excellent grade plywood with sanded down edges for comfort.

Variation. 3 different heights.

Easy to build. All you need is a power screwdriver to build it with ease. It could also be assembled with a screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease. 

Jump Training Box: Check on Amazon

14. Aerobic exercise step platform with risers

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Check price on Amazon

This aerobic exercise step platform is sturdy enough for a heavier person to perform routine step up/step down exercises, making it a good addition to all the gym gifts anyone could get.  

3 levels. It has adjustable risers with 3 height levels. 

No slip. Safe for working out without slipping. 

Not boring. It provides increasing levels of difficulty so that your loved one does not get bored with the same level.

Aerobic Step Platform: Check on Amazon

15. A Simple total gym home fitness exercise machine with DVD

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Check price on Amazon

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a total gym at home for someone you care about. Instead, get your fitness loved one a home gym with DVD that can help them simplify their workouts. This total gym is perhaps one of the best gifts for gym rats who spend a lot of time on their muscles. 

Already assembled. Just open the box, fold, and store.
Great for beginners or advanced exercise nuts.

Multiple uses. Get over 60 exercises, including strength training, stretching, and cardio.

Full workout. Spend 10-20 minutes per day for a full workout.

Simple Total Gym: Check on Amazon

16. A puzzle exercise mat for workouts and for gym equipment

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Check price on Amazon

Workout presents don’t all have to be digital or complex. This puzzle exercise mat can be a good choice for a gift. It is simple, stowable, and needed. 

Large space. It comes with 6 tiles that can cover a large workout space, up to 24 square feet.

Sturdy. It is made of sturdy material that is double-sided for a non-slip experience.

Easy to clean. It is washable with soap and water.

Exercise Mat: Check on Amazon

Workout Gift Ideas For Fitness Nuts

And that’s it. These were some of the best health and fitness gifts to give to your favorite peeps who are fitness junkies! These exercise gifts will keep on giving health benefits all year long and will safeguard your wallet so that you don’t spend too much of your hard-earned cash. 

Be well.