10 Best Puppy Toys (For Teething, Chewing, Snuggling & More)

Best puppy toys

Finding the best puppy toys that are safe and non-toxic can be a daunting task. This is especially true because there are no current safety regulations for pet toys. At the same time, buying toys for your dog is a necessary expense to help them grow their body and their intelligence, play, fend off boredom, and thrive. 

In previous posts, we talked about how to potty train your dog and how to humanely crate train a puppy including placing a toy or two in the crate. Now it’s time to introduce other toys in order to give your dog an overall experience that involves mind, body, and spirit.

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A quick glance at the best puppy toys and categories (more options below)

We will dig in much deeper below, but for now, here’s a quick guide.

A Pack of Dog Chew Toys For Small to Medium Dogs
  • Value pack
  • Best for small & medium aggressive chewers
  • Safe and made of 100% non-toxic material
  • ONSON Freeze Fetch Cooling Teether
  • Made with safe, non-toxic plastic
  • Helps in relieving inflammation from teething
  • ZippyPaws Loopy Hedgehog
  • 6 unique noises
  • High quality with no stuffing
  • KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy
  • Good for puppies over 9 months old
  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Toy
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Mimics being part of a dog pack
  • Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys
  • Fights boredom
  • Great for tossing and fetching
  • Chuckit! Small Zipflight (Colors Vary)
  • Great for water play
  • Soft and light
  • Set of 4 Puppy Dog Rope Toys For Small to Medium Dog
  • Helps with flossing
  • BringerPet Dog Drinking Water Fountain
  • Helps keep your dog hydrated
  • Good quality and durable
  • Well Standing Toy Chest Basket for Storage
  • Good for toy storage
  • Stands well at 22" L x 12" W x 11"
  • And now, let’s dig in deeper into these toys that can help your puppy stay well in all areas of their life, including mind, body, and spirit.

    1 Puppy toys pack (dog toy set of more than one item)

    (a) A variety pack of puppy toys.

    There is something in this dog toy pack for every puppy including the aggressive chewer.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon
    • 100% Non-toxic. This 12 pack collection of puppy toys is made from materials that will not harm your dog. 
    • Best for small to medium dogs. These small toys are a good starter option for puppies. 
    • Ropes. The ropes are a good way to help your puppy with the teething process and with cleaning their teeth.
    • Dispenser ball. You can place a small treat in the dispenser ball which is good way to get your puppy engaged in smart activities.
    • Squeaky noises. Dogs will be entertained with these toys.

    A pack of various toys: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    (b) Another option: A squeaky pack with no stuffing. 

    This is a plush toy pack of 5 squeaky toys. It is made with simulated animal fur (fox, raccoon, squirrel, skunk and duck) to nurture your dog’s hunting instincts.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Safe material. This pack is made of soft plush material of simulated animal fur and will not hurt your puppy. They will certainly get destroyed from overplay, but not without giving your dog a lot of enjoyable times.
    • Not for aggressive chewers. If you have aggressive chewers, you may want to skip these toys because they won’t last long at all.
    • Nurtures your puppy’s instinctive nature. This selection of toys will play on your puppy’s instinctive nature, but with a caveat: They will most likely be destroyed in no time. If you want to make your dog happy, then you may want to re-purchase these simulated fury toys or order more than one pack at a time.
    • Best for small to medium dogs. These toys are not designed for larger dogs.
    • Good for your puppy’s mental health. They are a good mental health helper for your dog, as they will help fight boredom and build a bond between the both of you.
    • Teeth cleaning benefits. They will help your dog with the teeth cleaning process.

    Plush squeaky toy pack: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    2Best toys for teething puppies to help with teeth development

    Be careful when choosing puppy teething toys. If you choose your own, make sure they do not contain any toxic materials or soft chewy plastic items that can easily be swallowed.

    Teething can be painful to your puppy. It can cause discomfort, inflammation, and pain. This is especially true when the pressure increases inside your puppy’s mouth in order for the teeth to burst out of the gum. For this reason, the best toys for teething puppies should help them lower the inflammation and soothe the discomfort.

    A teething helper in the form of a non-toxic freeze cooling teether toy.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Non-toxic soft TRP teething toy. Unlike some soft plastic toys that are made with toxic material such as vinyl or Phthalates that make plastic soft or BPA that make plastic hard, this nontoxic puppy teething toy is made with non-toxic plastic (Soft TRP).
    • Water chamber for freezing purposes. This product contains holes where you can add water and then place in the freezer. Don’t fill it up all the way, because the water will expand.
    • Acts as a gum massager. When your puppy bites on this toy, the water dispenses out from within the holes to help with the inflammation that results from the teething process.
    • Has a crunch feeling. Your dog or puppy will feel like they are crunching on something when they play with this toy. It can act as a toy and also as a cooling teething product.

    Cooling teething toy: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    3 Best squeaky dog toys (no stuffing and with stuffing)

    There are plenty of squeaky toys for small dogs or for medium dogs that you can choose from. This is because squeaky toys are very favorable among puppies and growing dogs.

    (a) Squeaky loopy hedgehog (no stuffing) plush toy for small and medium dogs.

    • Check price on Amazon
      Check price on Amazon

      6 Total squeaks. The loopy hedgehog no stuffing toy with 6 squeaking sounds may drive you crazy, but your dog and puppy will love to hear a different squeak every time.

    • No stuffing and may last longer.  These types of tough squeaky dog toys will last longer because there’s no internal material that can be ripped apart, but be realistic, since all toys will eventually be destroyed, because dogs will want to destroy them. That’s what dogs love to do.
    • You can wash it, but do not heat dry it. This will allow the toy to maintain its sturdiness.

    Loopy hedgehog squeaky toy: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    (b) Wild duck squeaky toy with cotton stuffing for medium to larger breeds. 

    In addition to having other versions of the squeaky toys, such as mice and small goofy objects as shown in the toy packs above, you may want to check out this larger, washable squeaky toy that your dog can enjoy.

    Try to choose durable dog squeaky toys. The most important thing to know about stuffed toys is that the stuffing material itself is not toxic, but you also don’t want your dog to eat it and digest it. Therefore, always keep an eye on the seam of the toy and discard of it if it becomes broken down.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon
    • Wild duck that squeaks. This wild duck squeaky toy may play on the dog’s natural instinct to chase after a duck. You want to dedicate some time with your pooch to toss it around and have them fetch it.
    • Washable. Wash those germs away and keep your puppy safe.
    • Lightweight. It is made of stuffed cotton and polyester exterior, making it sturdy and a durable dog toy.
    • A good addition of dog toys for aggressive chewers. Cotton and polyester are not toxic, but dogs seam to always want to tear apart plush toys. If the seam starts breaking, just toss the toy and get another one. Also, if your dog is an aggressive chewer and you KNOW that they’re going to destroy (and potentially eat) the filling, the skip along to something more sturdy like a KONG toy for extreme chewers until they get a bit older.

    Wild duck squeaky toy: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    4 Best chew toys for puppies with treat compartment

    In order to pick the best dog chew toys you want to make sure to avoid toxic materials, since these toys will end up in your dog’s mouth. At minimum, avoid puppy chew toys that contain any soft plastic, vinyl, or toxic material.

    For teeny tiny puppies up to 9 months old, you can always try the KONG pacifier dog toy (puppy Binkie).

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    (a) KONG toys for small dogs (rubber chew and treat toy).

    • Adherence to strict quality control for safety and  non-toxicity. This KONG puppy rubber chew and treat toy with fun unpredictable bounce is made of all-natural rubber that can accommodate the puppy’s 28 baby teeth.
    • Most are made in the USA. You may ask, “Which Kong toys are made in China?” Almost all of KONG’s toys are made in Colorado, USA (except for Air Kong tennis ball, KONG Plush, and KONG Wubba which are made in China for KONG). This is what we know for now. The list may change in the future.
    • Even when made in China, they are safe. We have no problem recommending any KONG products because the Consumer Affair site states that even those pet toys that are made in China for the KONG brand are safe and undergone strict quality control procedures to ensure that they are safe and non-toxic. Therefore,
    • Pick a size. Extra small, small, medium, or large. Young pups will need the small size and so on. Check this size chart from the manufacturer to determine which size fits your dog’s breed. If you’re not good at reading dimensions, the size of this toy is almost as tall as a gift card. Your very small puppy may not need this toy yet. They are recommended for puppies who are a few months old (9 months and older).

    (b) Have an extreme chewer? 

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon
    • Extreme version. You might want to get these Extreme KONGS for aggressive chewers instead of a regular chew toy.
    • Fetch toy. These KONG toys can be great toys for playing fetch with an energetic dog who might want to chew on your furniture.
    • Extra study. There’s no doubt that KONG makes some of the best chew toys for teething puppies. This extreme version is made of very sturdy material that can withstand a lot of abuse from a dog.
    • Different sizes. Choose small, medium, or large.

    Other non-toxic design and brand options.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    (c) Don’t forget the treats that go inside your puppy’s KONG toy.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • All natural and made in the USA. You can stuff delicious dog treat or kibble and a bit of peanut butter inside for interactive action, or get them already made in a small enough treats like these Peanut Butter KONG Stuff’N Ziggies that can be stuffed in the medium and larger KONG toys.
    • Good for teeth. These treats can freshen your dog’s breath and can help clean their teeth.
    • Squeezable version. If you prefer, you can get a chicken liver flavor squeezable KONG snack. They are gentle enough for your puppy’s stomach.

    Best puppy chew toys: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    5 Plush dog toys for snuggles and to fend off loneliness 

    Dogs will love to snuggle up with you or with their favorite toy. You definitely want to consider getting your pooch a plush fluffy toy that they feel comfortable around to keep them company.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Good for the mental health of your dog. This plush dog toy will be a great companion for a new puppy or a rescue dog. Hopefully, it will help them feel less anxious when you leave the house.
    • Different designs that make your dog feel a part of a pack. This plush toy is designed to mimic being a part of a pack. Pick different designs and colors.
    • Comes with a pulsating heart. The pulsating heart mimics the presence of another dog. This could be very helpful to a new pup that has recently been separated from its mom and other puppy siblings, or a dog that needs to feel less alone. Because of its design of having a pulsating heart that can go in the toy’s pouch, your puppy will hopefully feel more at ease in their crate or while taking naps.
    • Can be washed. Use a gentle cycle to wash this toy if it gets dirty, and it probably will.
    • Don’t be surprised if your growing puppy tries to hump it! Enough said on the hump toy subject because our Bella (photo below) likes to hump her favorite horsey toy (goodness… It’s headless now). Your young female or male spayed or neutered dog may still try to hump a leg, a chair, or a toy. If this happens, don’t be alarmed.
    • Don’t forget to get additional AAA batteries. This toy comes with AAA batteries, but they will only last for 2 weeks if used 24/7. Since your puppy may find a lot of connection emotionally with this toy, you may want to eventually get more batteries. We like the ENELOOP brand as they last for a long time. You can also get any decent batteries from your store.
    • Just like all other toys, keep an eye on the seam. It is a safety measure to get rid of toys if your puppy starts tearing head off and pulling things apart from the inside of the toys. The idea is that you don’t want your puppy to start eating and ingesting the material. Older dogs may respect their toys more, but for the young ones, just replace the bad ones.

    Plush toy for snuggles: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    6Best interactive dog toys for adaptive intelligence

    As a parent of a puppy or a dog, you should care about the development of your pooch. You should equally care about introducing them to toys that will keep boredom away. For this reason, you may want to invest in an interactive toy.

    (a) Durable squeaky dog toys with interactive hide and seek action. 

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Interactive, fun, and improves problem solving skills. This hide and seek plush interactive squeaking toy comes in various styles. Depending on availability, you can choose a squirrel, bee, bird, or hedgehog. Hide the animals inside the pouch and watch your dog sniff for them and pull them out one by one.
    • Play toss with your puppy. You can use these toys as tossing toys. Toss them out for your puppy to fetch and bring back to you.
    • Toy parts come in various sizes. Choose the size you want for your pooch.
    • Dog squeaky toys that last. This set is durable and can give your pooch a lot of fun play times.

    Interactive squeaky toy: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    (b) IQ treat interactive dog ball to toss for your dog. 

    • Non-toxic and made from natural rubber. This IQ treat ball for your dog is about 4″ in diameter and is durable and safe for your puppy to chew on.
    • Fun and needs your collaboration. Throw the ball full of your dog’s favorite treat. When the dog rolls the ball, the treats will roll inside the toy and fall out.
    • Massages the gum. The material of this toy allows the gum to be massaged, making it a good option help keep gums healthy.

    IQ treat dog ball: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    7Puppy activity toys toys to keep your dog exercised and healthy

    Some breeds will be a lot more active than others, since not all dogs will by hyper all the time. Here are a few exercise toys that are suited for dogs with a lot of energy, which is most likely all puppies.

    (a) A classic tail chaser toy with a squeaky toy at the end (2 attachments included).

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Classic squeaky toy (2 squeaky animals). This is a classic tail chaser toy that cats and dogs alike love to chase, especially that it jumps around very quickly. You will hold the end of the pole and wiggle the toy for our dog to chase after the animal. The cord is about 45″ long and the pole is about 36″ long.
    • Promotes bonding with your puppy. This toy will need a bit of interaction from you. You really don’t have to move much if you’re tired. You can simply sit on your couch and play with your pooch. Make sure your puppy does not attempt to swallow the accompanying toys and don’t tease your puppy too much. Make sure your pooch can get the toy once in a while to encourage collaboration among the both of you.
    • Can be a part of your verbal puppy training efforts. You can train your dogs with such commands as “Catch” to catch the end and “Drop It” to let go. This will eventually come in handy when you train them to “Sit” and “Shake Hands” (or any other commands). Remember that with any commands that you want your puppy to perform, you want to reward them with a treat after they do the command correctly.

    Squeaky tail chaser: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    (b) A Frisbee for your dog and puppy. 

    No home is complete without a Frisbee for your dog.

    These days, Frisbee toys are not these harsh and heavy objects anymore. They can be soft and very smooth while flying in a straight line, allowing your pooch to gently bite on them and catch them with excitement and anticipation. They are great training tools to keep your puppy happy, active, and fulfilled.

    Check price on amazon
    Check price on amazon

    • Light, can fly and float on water. Just in case you want to throw this in your pool for your pooch to catch, this well designed Frisbee will fly high and stay afloat. Plus, it is not heavy and will not hurt your dog’s mouth.
    • Sizes to choose from. Choose small or medium (Whichever fits your pooch).
    • Dogs love this toy. Make sure to dedicate some time for your pooch this weekend. The pleasure this simple tool can provide your dog is priceless.

    Flying and floating Frisbee: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    8Best dog tug toy (tug-of-war) to help clean mouth and floss

    This type of fun tug-of-war toys is usually a very common toy. If you purchase any other types, just make sure that the fiber is made of non-toxic material, since dogs will want to pull on these toys with their mouths.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Cleans mouth. The cotton fiber can act as a mouth cleaner, since these toys can act like floss.
    • Add a bit a fun with a fake growl sound when you play with your pooch. I find that if you growl a bit as you gently pull on the tug-of-war toy, your puppy will reciprocate with a playful growl as well. It is totally fun to see that happen.

    Best tug of war dog toys: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    9 Water toy for your dog to keep them hydrated and active

    It goes without saying that unlike cats, dogs enjoy water. They love to chase after a water hose and they absolutely find water refreshing and fun.

    Get them this fun water fountain dog play toy. 

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Keeps your dog hydrated. This drinking water dog fountain play toy can work for small or large dogs, since water is not harmful. It connects to a water hose is water toy for dogs that will keep your puppy or dog hydrated. It will encourage more water consumption by your pooch.
    • Small dog? No problem! Just control the water. If you have a small dog, just make sure the water is controlled from the main source so it does not gush out too forcefully.
    • Made from good quality material. It is made of iron metal with a good quality brass valve hose connector that will resist rust and will provide your puppy with endless water fun activities.
    • Makes a great summer toy. Your pooch will want to go outside and enjoy a bit of quality time with the new fountain. You? Just chill with a glass of wine or a beer and watch the fun unfold in front of you.

    Drinking water fountain: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    10 Dog toys storage box for our home and for the car

    (a) Toy storage for the home.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    This nice looking dog basket storage bin is large enough for your puppy or dog’s toys. 

    • It is made with earthy cloth with good metal support. The material is durable fabric bin and you will be able to match it with any decor theme in your house.
    • Various sizes and just tall enough for the puppy to see inside. Try to avoid storage boxes for dog toys that are too tall for the dog to see inside. The fun of it all is to have the puppy or dog is able to look inside the box and pull his or her favorite toys.
    • As indestructible as possible. This one box is sturdy and is made specifically to sustain dog chews and bites.
    • Neutral color. You want the color to fit your furniture.
    • Waterproof. You dog may slobber all over his or her toys, and this box resolves that issue.

    Home dog toy storage box: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    (b) Dog travel set for the car for the park or for vacation.

    If you travel a lot with your dog or want to go on vacation, you might want to invest in a premium car seat organizer.

    Check price on Amazon
    Check price on Amazon

    • Roomy. This is a premium product that is a good fit for your puppy. You can put everything you need to go to the park for a few hours or travel with your dog longer distances: Food, water, treats, toys, and things.
    • Water-proof. The material insulates the inside from the outside. This is crucial for those rainy days.
    • Has an extra spare leash (in case you lose or forget yours). Think of this as a security feature for your dog. It is a great way to make sure your dog doesn’t run away or get lost in an unfamiliar territory.
    • Has collapsible silicone bowls for food and water. This very smart non-toxic design allows you to easily collapse the flat bowls and give your puppy food and water when it’s time for a meal or a drink. Silicone is FDA approved and BPA-free. It is considered to be a safe product that can withstand extreme heat as well as extreme cold temperatures. Of course, stainless steel bowls would be best, but these are not practical when you are out and about with your puppy or dog.

    Premium dog travel set: Check price and read reviews on Amazon

    Our criteria for eliminating certain toxic puppy toys

    We took into consideration a recent Consumer Digest report on pet toys and decided to exclude certain toys made of toxic materials such as polyvinyl chloride, vinyl plastic, BPA, and Phthalates.

    • Because there are no safety standards on pet toys, we had to dig deep and only recommend what we think are “safer than other” toys.
    • We also wanted to make sure we encompass not just one aspect of your puppy’s life (i.e. toss and fetch), but all wellness aspects including love, bonding, safety, teething, inclusion, and problem solving. We have indicated what options you may have, and at the end of the day it’s your call on what you think is best for your pooch.

    When toys start getting destroyed by your puppy, you may want to make sure to replace them. Although the toys discussed here are nontoxic, you don’t want your dog to accidentally or intentionally digest the material.

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    The bottom line on picking the best puppy toys 

    Best dog toys

    Dogs, especially puppies, love their toys. They love it when you gently pull on their cloth toy and growl back at them playfully, and they love it when you toss them a squeaky toy or a dog Frisbee across the park to run after and fetch back to you.

    Picking the right toys for your pup doesn’t have to be hard. You want to cater to a few aspects of your growing dog’s needs including teething, snuggling, exercising, flossing, and having fun.

    When you search for dog toys for your puppy or pets, make sure that they are not made of toxic materials, such as BPA and soft plastic that can easily be digested. Also, make sure to keep an eye on the stuffing of your dog’s toys to ensure that the seams are still good. Once stuffing gets damaged you may want to discard of the toy or replace it.

    When it comes to getting your puppy toys, your job is to pick the best non-toxic puppy toys that will help your dog grow, thrive, and most importantly stay safe and we hope that we can make this task a bit easier for you.

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    Your growing puppy will have a lot of energy during the day. It is the right thing to not only humanely crate train your pooch but to also exercise them, take them out and play with them to help them learn, explore, and thrive. You will be reciprocated with endless loyalty, kisses, snuggles, and love.

    Be well.